Emsi’s Skills

Emsi is pleased to introduce a skills library to serve as a common language between people looking for work, work looking for people, and educational programs looking to connect people to the labor market.

Real-time skills extractor Skills Classification API FAQ

Credential Engine’s Handbooks

Quick reference and example solutions in describing credentials and other key entities in the credentialing ecosystem, such as competency frameworks (CTDL-ASN). The Credential Engine Registry is a repository of metadata about Credentials and related entities (such as organizations, assessments, and learning opportunities) and a set of related services to enable publishing, finding, and retrieving data about these entities.

Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) CTDL-ASN Credential Registry

Workday’s Skills Cloud

Determines skills from job, profile, feedback, and other work data).



Used in pilot testing JobSchema+

JDX’s Competensor library

Used in pilot testing JobSchema+

The Workforce Data Initiative's Skills-ML

Open source software library for applying NLP and ML to labor market data.


Competency Framework: O*NET

Information on skills, abilities, knowledge, work activities, and interests associated with 900+ occupations.


Competency Framework: Career One Stop’s Competency Model Clearinghouse

26 stackable industry models


Competency Framework: European Skills/Competencies, qualifications, and Occupations (ESCO)

13,485 skills/competencies



The National Labor Exchange (NLx) partnership operates the only nonprofit national online labor exchange system in the US. Formed between employers and state workforce agencies, the NLx collects and distributes job openings exclusively found on corporate career websites, state job banks and the federal government.


Markle’s Skillful

Learn what skill-based practices can do for your organization by using Skillful's free and easy-to-use employer resources to attract, hire, and retain the top talent you need to deliver results.



SkillsEngine’s data services analyze text and return collections of scored skill descriptors from a taxonomy. SkillsEngine’s Calibrate directly maps curriculum to validated skill profiles based on industry needs. The Profile Builder generates a custom competency profile based on skill statements across over 850 occupations.

Website APIs Skills profile builder


Burning Glass’ applications drive practical solutions and are used across the job market: by educators in aligning programs with the market, by employers and recruiters in filling positions more effectively, and by policy makers in shaping strategic workforce decisions.

Product Suite


Textio Hire accurately predicts how your writing will compete for talent, suggests changes to get a more qualified and diverse candidate pool, and writes with you to build new hiring content in a fraction of the time.


JobSchema+ Validator Tool

Coming soon! Validate JobSchema+ JSON-LD formatted files.