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Coming soon - v1.0.0 Folder

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v0.9.0 Folder

The version used to pilot Jobschema+ with a cohort of 12 employers.


      Changes from v0.8.0:

      • Properties used in the pilot which were not in the original Jobschema+ table include schema:telephone, schema:address, schema:email, schema:url, and jdx:competency > schema:inDefinedTermSet > name > url which represents the name of the competency framework associated with each competency.
      • Properties not used in the pilot which were in the original Jobschema+ table include Responsibility, and Estimated Salary.
      • All combinations of Alternative/Equivalent/Minimum/Preferred/Required x Credential/Education/Experience were combined temporarily into a single property "Education and Experience" due to the challenges of parsing these out.

      Site Improvements

      • JDX website created.
      v0.8.0 Page

      This version consists only of an initial Jobschema+ table of proposed vocabulary.


      • This table is a profile of the full Jobschema+ for the purposes of pilot testing the vocabulary.